Now Available: Richmond County Court Orders from the Revolution

I am pleased to announce the release of my transcription of Richmond County’s court orders from the Revolutionary War era. The volume, entitled “Richmond County, Virginia Court Orders 1776-1784,” is the fifth installment of my transcriptions of Virginia’s county court orders from the Revolution, the other four completed counties being Augusta, Bedford, Brunswick and Halifax. These volumes may be ordered at, by following this link to my author page: Each volume is available both as a hard copy and as a downloadable ebook (PDF).

Some of my readers have asked about future publication plans. I am currently transcribing Louisa County’s court orders from the Revolution, and Northumberland County will probably following Louisa. I have also completed about seventy-five percent of volume 4 of “Selected Virginia Revolutionary War Records.” This will include a complete transcription of Auditors’ Account volume XVIII (a manuscript volume in Library of Virginia, 701 pages, of receipts and warrants from the auditors from late 1783-1784, the “most important” volume of that series); also an inventory/extract of all items in LVA’s APA 238 “General Claims Approved” (a 2 inch file containing a hodge podge of loose affidavits and certificates related to claimed military and non-military service during the war); and finally a complete transcription of LVA’s APA 207 “Expences Incurred by the Conquest and Protection of Northwestern Territory 1777-1787” (an 88 page gold mine of claims made by individuals in present Illinois and Kentucky for services rendered to the American cause from those areas). The first three volumes of my “Selected Virginia Revolutionary War Records” series are also available at