Vaiden, Braddock– Eckenrode, vol 2, p 308 refers to Aud Account Vol XXXI, 102; and Rev. Army v. 4, 51. The latter source is shown in Eckenrode’s Introduction as one of “four volumes of miscellaneous Ms. matter concerning the Revolution.”

Vaiden, John– Shown on a “return of men recruited by Lieutenant David Mann for the service of the Commonwealth of Virginia” to serve as a guard at Point of Fork Arsenal, recruited 8 Sept 1783 from “Chesterfield,” allowed 3 pounds bounty; Memorandum, 8 Sept 1783, Thos. Meriwether “review’d John Vaden about 22 years of age likely and able bodied,” recruited by Lt Mann to serve as guard at Point of Fork Arsenal; shown as Corporal on “Pay Roll for the State Guards commanded by Lieutenant David Mann commenceing the 1st day of July 1783 and ending the last day of Sepr. following,” and on rolls of 1 Oct-31 Oct 1783 and 1 Nov-31 Dec 1783 (Library of Virginia, Record Group 48, Auditor of Public Accounts, Inventory Entry 174, “Point of Fork Arsenal,” Box 498, in files “Men Recruited for the State Guards, 1783” and “Pay Rolls of the State Guards Commanded by Lt David Mann, 1783-1784”).

Vail, Solomon– Pensioner (Eckenrode, vol 2, 308).

Valentine, Josiah- 1st Regt, commissioned Ens 1 May 1778, also served as Quarter Master & Lieut, under Cols Read, Parker, resigned 1 Sept 1778 (M881, Roll 907).

Vermilion, Guy- [Virmilion] 1st Regt, served as Pvt under Capt Fleming, Col Read, shown as “deserted” on roll of 9 June 1777 (M881, Roll 907).

Vineyard, John– Russell County;(1)  [affidavit] 19 July 1789, John Vineyard came before Thos. Carter JP and made oath that he served 8 months 7 days in the foot service under Maj Poosy and then was chosen by Col George Bailor to go in the light dragoon service where he served 12 months and got his discharge and that he has never received satisfaction for the same…”Light Camp,” 8 July 1782, John Vineyard “discharged fromthe 3d Regiment of Light Dragoons, the time of which he had engaged to serve having expired in May last” [signed] George Baylor, Col.; (2) same date and same JP, John Vineyard made oath that he had a rifle gun impressed from him by Bollinger Wade 24 Oct 1781 for use of militia on campaign to Little York and that he never received satisfaction for the same (Library of Virginia, Record Group 48, Auditor of Public Accounts, Inventory Entry 238, “General Claims Approved,” arranged by county).

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