Eads, Charles– Pensioner (Eckenrode, vol 2, 99).

Eady, Thomas– 13th Regiment (Eckenrode, vol 2, 99).

Edmunds, Thomas- 1st Regt, Capt (M881, Roll 905).

Edwards, Charles- Auditor’s Office, certificate, 22 June 1787, pay Charles Edwards 24.13.4 “for his services as a soldier in Dabney’s Legion from 1 January 1782 to 10th January 1783 (APA 138, file “Revolutionary Claims 1783; 1788-1790; 1792; 1794″).

Edwards, William- 1st Regt, enlisted apparently in Sept 1777 for 3 years, served as Pvt under Capt Claiborne W. Lawson, Col Hendricks, last shown on roll of 2 March 1778 (M881, Roll 906).

Elmore, Thomas– He is shown on a “Return of men recruited by Lieutenant Pratt Hughs for the service of the Commonwealth of Virginia” to serve as guard at Point of Fork Arsenal, recruited 29 Sept 1783 from [town of] Richmond, allowed 3 pounds bounty; Memorandum, 29 Sept 1783, Thos. Meriwether “review’d Thomas Elmore about 21 years old, and John Tinsley about 28 years old, both Virginians & formerly soldiers in the State Line, able bodied,” recruited by Lt Hughes to serve as guards at Point of Fork Arsenal; shown as Private on “Pay Roll for the State Guards commanded by Lieutenant David Mann commenceing the 1st day of July 1783 and ending the last day of Sepr. following,” and on rolls of 1 Oct-31 Oct 1783 and 1 Nov-31 Dec 1783 (APA 174, Box 498, in files “Men Recruited for the State Guards, 1783” and “Pay Rolls of the State Guards Commanded by Lt David Mann, 1783-1784”).

Eppes, Francis- 1st Regt, Maj; also Lt Col under Col Read, died in 1776 (M881, Roll 906).

Erwin– see Irwin

Eskridge, William- 1st Regt; served as Lt (M881, Roll 906).

Estes, James- 1st Regt, enlisted in Feb 1778 for 1 year, served as Pvt under Capt Charles Pelham, Col Parker, last shown on roll of 1 Oct 1778 as “sick at flying hospital” (M881, Roll 906).

Etter– see Atter

Eustace, John– 1st Regt, first shown on rolls Oct 1776, served as Lt under Capt Richard Taylor, Col Read, promoted to Capt by June 1777, killed 4 Oct 1777 at Germantown (M881, Roll 906).

Ewel, Charles- 1st Regt, served as Pvt under Capt William Lewis, Col Read, shown as “dead” on roll of 9 June 1777 (M881, Roll 906).

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